• Tasha Butler


Camo Jacket: Baus

Biker Shorts: Forever21

Shoes: Shoedazzle, Tiana Heeled Boot

Victress: a woman who is victorious

When I think about the woman that I am today, I can only thank my mother for being an amazing example, role model, and victress. As children, we never really understand the impact that our upbringing has on us. Now as an adult, I am extremely grateful that I had a strong, Black, woman raise me. My mother would, and still does encourage me to fight! Fight for what I believe in and fight for what I want in life! Although she may seem tough to some, she is so loving, caring, and giving. Whenever I need someone to lean on, I know that I can always turn to my mother. Strength is what she embodies and I pray that I can pass that on to my future daughters.

Cheers to the victorious women out there!! Who are some victresses in your life?

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