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Trap Music Museum

Atlanta literally is a culture all on it’s own lol. *hits the A TOWN STOMP* When my husband and I visited last month to celebrate a friend’s 30th birthday, we overheard on the radio that T.I.’s Trap Music Museum opened that weekend, so you know we had to visit.

Any thing that’s “For the culture” and FREE….it’s a bet!

From the moment that we walked in to the museum, I knew it would be an experience to say the least. The first room was an actual “trap house” living room. I meannnn, there was weed, pills, lean, Chinese food boxes left open, Colt45, and plastic wrapped couches (like the ones at grandma’s house), with pictures of Trap Artists on the wall.

As we continued to walk through the pop up museum, we saw that there were different rooms were based around prominent trap artists. There was “The Infamous TI Gun Closest”, which housed Tip’s most eclectic suits and powerful guns, “The Young Jeezy Snow Room, which of course had a huge snow man and "coke by the pound", “The Rick Ross Room” with his oversized black bottle of Belaire Rose, and my favorite exhibit, “The Gucci Mane Kitchen”. Gucci’s kitchen had drugs packed in the freezer, cockroaches crawling in the cabinets, and a sticky ass floor!!! If you listen closely in the video that underlying scratchy sound is me walking on his floors. I sure hope this isn’t what Ross meant when he said “Got ya b**** tip toeing on my marble floors” haha.

When we entered the third section of the museum, we rolled up on The “2 Chainz Pink Trap Chevy”. As you can imagine, tons of people were taking pics with this hip hop artifact from Titty Boy’s Pink Trap House. Just around the corner from that, you could find a barbershop and a prison cell. Now, I’ve never been to prison before but it seemed pretty real lol. The cell had Nicki Minaj posters on the wall, tally marks counting down the days until freedom, a Bible and a Quran on the bed. Justin and I even signed the wall, leaving our presence in the cell.

Overall, this was a pretty dope (no pun intended) museum. The venue was small, but the installments were very profound and authentic. If you are in the ATL area or visiting anytime soon, I would highly suggest stopping by. Even if you’re not a huge fan of “trap music” or the “trap lifestyle”, it’s pretty cool to take a glimpse at other people’s reality. Be sure to check out the “Escape the Trap” game as well…similar to an Escape Room adventure.

T.I.’s Ten Trap Commandments

  1. Don’t Put Shit Past Nan N*gga, Even If You Ran With’ Em

  2. Don’t Mix Weed & Cocaine, That Ain’t What You ‘Sposed To Smoke Mane!

  3. Never Go To Sleep Around a Stripper.

  4. Don’t Be Talking Bout Work On Your Line, That’s How You Get More Time.

  5. Keep A Strap. Ya Get Shot At Shoot Back!

  6. See Shit But Don’t Say Shit!!! Recognize But Never Talk About It.

  7. Peep Fuck Shit From Miles Away. That Cap Ain’t Bout Nothing!

  8. Never Do No Hoe Shit And Bring No Shame On The Fam.

  9. Walk It How You Talk It, Play It How It Go.

  10. Never Cross The Ones That Brought You Here.

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