• Tasha Butler

Thrifted Finds: Floral Capris

Living close to a thrift store can be both a blessing and a curse! It comes in handy when trying to create an outfit without hurting my pockets, but I’m in there wayyy too often! Lol

One day as I was running errands, I decided to visit my local Goodwill Superstore to see what was new. As I was walking through the pants aisle, a floral print caught my eye. To my suprise, after trying them on, I saw that they fitted me perfectly.

These capris are from Harve Bernard and were only $5.99.

I love that you can pair these capris with a nice beige, green, or burnt orange top to bring out the colors of the flowers, or opt for a basic black top with a pop of color in your shoes as I did. Styling floral prints are always fun and easy to work with, especially during the spring and summer time.

When was the last time you visited your local thrift store or Goodwill? Or even stopped to smell the roses and view the beautiful world around you?

Well, I’m challenging you to take some time this season to get out and smell the roses. Visit your local consignment store and find some staple floral pieces that reflect the world around you.

Happy Thrifting!

Photography By Kristina Williams (@kriswillphotography)