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Regal Lady Spotlight: Michelle Mitchenor

Classy, confident, and compelling surely describes this triple threat, Michelle Mitchenor. She may be an up and coming celebrity to you, but she’s been a star to me for years. Born and raised in New Jersey, Michelle has now taken her talents all the way to Hollywood.

Michelle and I met during my freshman year at Towson University. It was at a party and she randomly...not so randomly came up to me and starting dancing. It was an impromptu salsa dance…..lesson for me lol. Although the haze was real lol I saw how her energy lit up the room. From that moment on I started getting to know her better….fast forward a few years later we became sorority sisters. I am beyond proud to say that I am her neo, but even prouder to say that she is my prophyte.

Michelle’s talents include singing, dancing and acting. She has sang backup for JoJo and Leah Labelle, danced in live performances with Pharell Williams, been featured in Beyonce’s “Who Run the World” video, brought life to character Cee-Cee in the NBA 2K16- Livin the Dream Film and recently made her big screen debut in Spike Lee’s Chi-Raq movie. Can you say bommmmmbbbbb!!!

Yesterday Michelle took time out of her busy schedule to chat with me and fill me in on all of the wonderful things that she is doing. Check out our convo below:

@TheRegalLady : Hey Mushhelll girlll!!! How are you? Sooo first I want to say thank you for this interview. I can only imagine how busy you are and I so gratefulful that you were able to make time for me.

@MichelleMitchenor: No problem! Thanks for having me, and hopefully I'll do well enough that I can come back!

@TheRegalLady: I want to start off with you letting the readers in on your journey. Can you tell us how you got to where you are now, from a performing arts high school to college...from New York to California and what pushed you to reach for your goals?

@MichelleMitchenor: I honestly knew what I wanted to do at a very young age, around 14 to be exact. I knew then that I wanted to be at an elite level in all facets of the entertainment industry. With knowing that, I always worked to put myself in positions to be trained by the best and work with the best. So by doing this it has created a lot of versatility and opportunities in my career. BUT most importantly I'm super spiritual and don't associate myself with fear. I truly believe I serve a God of miracles, so that lets me know anything is possible.

@TheRegalLady: As Delta women, we understand the importance of giving back. Recently you went on a mission trip to Uganda. How was that experience for you? What were some of the things that you witnessed and how did that trip change you as a person?

@MichelleMitchenor: Going to Uganda was an incredible experience !! What I learned the most was no matter what circumstance you're in, to not allow that to deter you from whatever it is you're passionate about. Some of the students I taught there came from poor homes... poor like nothing most people in the US could ever fathom but yet they were there investing in their gift, some even dancing without shoes. The experience was an affirmation for me, that my greatest work will be giving back and sharing my gift with the world.

@TheRegalLady : With all of your success thus far, I’m assuming you’ve had some setbacks also. How have you been able to overcome these challenges? What advice would you give to any newcomers in the arts?

@MichelleMitchenor: Never Panic. Trust God. Trust the gift you've been given and always BET on yourself!

@TheRegalLady: Recently you started offering mentoring classes. Can you explain that and tell our readers how they can reach you?

@MichelleMitchenor: YES! I started a 4-week online mentoring program called YOU ARE NEXT and it includes a curriculum that forces my mentees to really dig inside of themselves and figure out EXACTLY what it is they want to do and how they plan to get it done. I'm there as a guide and to really push them forward in not only their careers but most importantly how they VIEW THEMSELVES and where they are going. Anyone interested can submit at youarenext@michellemitchenor.com

@TheRegalLady: Last but not least, what makes you a Regal Lady?

@MichelleMitchenor: Hmm What makes me a "Regal Lady?", I would say I am a Regal Lady because I'm true to myself, to my art , to giving back and to the people that are close to me.

Be sure to keep up with everything that this Regal Lady is doing. You can follow her on Instagram @MichelleMitchenor subscribe to her YouTube Channel On The Come Up and be sure to catch her in theatres in Chi-Raq!

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