• Tasha Butler

Own The Future Conference

When I started following Ronke Raji on Instagram, the thought of actually meeting her never crossed my mind! All I knew was that she was a bomb makeup artist with a dope feed. I didn’t even know that she was here in Baltimore! (I discovered this when she arrived at Dinner With Dayna.) At that event, I realized that she was superrrrr cool! Like, the down to earth, funny homegirl, who can beat a face for the gawdzzzz cool! Here, she shared with us that she was planning her first event and to be on the lookout. Well, I for sure was on the lookout and when I saw that the date was released for her “Own the Future Conference” I knew I had to be there.

The first ever Own The Future Conference took place on August 11, in Washington, D.C. I was fortunate enough to be a guest blogger for this event. From the moment that Ronke walked out and gave us her opening speech, I knew that I was in the right place at the right time! *preeeeaccchhh* She was so genuine and honest about why she created this event. From including upcoming bloggers, to hand selecting the panelists, to incorporating time for attendee interaction, I saw that she really cared about the guests leaving with tools and encouragement for take control of their future.

The day was broken up into two panels with networking in between and after. The first panel consisted of : Makeup Artist Lauren Nicely, Ceo of N Natural Hair Studio Angela Walker, Jewelry Designer Gwanyan, Blogger Nneoma Okorie, and Business Growth Strategist Isimemen Aladejobi and the second panel included Wardrobe Stylist Sankara McCain, Model & Lifestyle Influencer R'Manda , Mess In a Bottle CEO Khalilah Wright, Natural Hair Influencer Chizi Duru and Hostess with the Mostess Ronke Raji. Both panels gave us insight on the pros and cons of being a business owner, how to overcome struggles when chasing your dreams, and how to remain true to your authentic self. As the women on the panel were speaking, they were so open and honest with their answers. I could see why Ronke selected them.

Nne made a comment that stood out to me, “Everyone wants to work with people who are on a higher level instead of understanding the importance of working across and that we ALL can work together to get there.” Can I get a “Yaaaasssss”. I think that this is such an important message to get across. Why not collaborate with other people within your reach to help everyone get a seat at the table. #Collaboration>Competition

Another “ah-ha” moment came from Angela Walker when she spoke on being an entrepreneur versus being self employed. She mentioned that when you go into business to serve rather then for self you have more of a positive outlook and outcome. YouTuber Chizi Duru also spoke on the importance of self love in the workplace and being yourself instead of feeling the need to assimilate in order to fit in.

Overall, the vibes were great and the conversation and connections were very genuine. I left feeling inspired to literally own my future! I’m blessed to have been apart of this event and fortunate to have met so many amazing women. Super excited to see all of us win!

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Photo Cred : @ReignNoire