• Tasha Butler

Jumping For Joy: ASOS Jumpsuit Edition

Lately I’ve been in a season of “jumping”. Jumping at new opportunities, jumping over obstacles, and of course jumping for joy as I am celebrating my first summer off from work. So, it only made sense that I brought you a list of my favorite jumpsuits for this season.

I grabbed this cute little number from ASOS. What I love the most about this jumpsuit is the fact that it’s super breathable and that it still gives you a cute feminine touch with it’s neckline and peek a boo details. I hate wearing jumpsuits that are form fitting. They can be so unflattering...especially if I can’t wear my shapewear underneath. Ha!

Jumpsuits are a great key item to have in your wardrobe. For me, I always feel grown and sexy when wearing them.

Except when it comes time to use the bathroom. (lol)

No one wants to be that girl who ends up stuck in a stall trying to pull the zipper down her back or squatting over a toilet half naked with their jumpsuit at their knees!

*I’m sure we’ve all been there*

But what’s a girl to do when the jumpsuit is too cute to say “no”?!

Shop this look and my five top jumpsuits for this season below.

Jumpsuit: ASOS // Purse: Amazon // Shoes: Zara (old; similar)

Photography & Videography by Tania of Images Composed

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