• Tasha Butler

February 25, 2018

I can NOT believe that I am inching closer to 30 every day! Gahhhlleeeeeee. Where has my youth gone hahahaha.

Honestly though, I am so excited and am embracing every moment of it. They say with age comes wisdom, and I must say, I’ve learned a couple lessons in my life thus far. For example, “Beer before liquor makes you sicker, liquor before beer means you’re in the clear”. #CollegeTaughtMe

But on a serious note, this past Sunday I turned 27. And rather than me going out of town, or heading out to a club…(well….wait that actually would never happen because I’m officially a Grandma now lol), or getting completely trashed, I reflected.

I reflected on friendships, relationships, and all of life’s experiences thus far. So as I sit here, in all of my 27 years of physical existence, here are some lessons that I’ve learned:

1. Love Yourself

Ladies, I cannot stress how important it is to truly love yourself. When you fall in love with yourself you begin to feel better, walk better, talk better, and your health also improves. Our body is a temple and we must respect it. Love yourself for what’s on the inside first, because your outer appearance is a reflection of that.

2. Everyone Won’t Like You

And that’s okay...Your job on this earth isn’t to be voted “Most Popular”. Keep it classy and cordial….and most importantly keep it moving.

3. Self Care Days are Necessary

Sometimes you just need a “Me” Day!!! A hot bath, some Jill Scott playing softly, aromatherapy candles burning, and a journal are all that you need. Take time to reset and reboot. Pick a day out of the week to just unplug yourself from the world and all of it’s distractions. Pick a day to focus only on you.

4. Some Friends, Aren’t Your Real Friends

Frienemies are real! You know how the saying goes, “Watch those who don’t clap when you win”...*side eye*. I am a true believer that people come into your life for a reason AND sometimes for a season. When friendships fall apart over jealousy, dishonesty, or *in my best CB voice* “These hoes ain't loyal”, figure out what the lesson was meant to teach you and let #fakefriends go.

5. You Can Not Change a Person

People will change on their own terms and on their own time. Allow people to experience their life. Everything that you want for them may not be what they want for themselves. Learn how to be supportive, learn how to be compassionate, but also learn how to give people their space. Remember: You can’t help a person who doesn’t want to be helped.

6. No One is Going to Do The Work For You

If you want it, YOU have to work for it. Set your goals, create your plan, and GO GET IT! Don’t be afraid of the grind, skating through life gets you nowhere. So get off of your butt, put your big girl panties on, put your Regal Lady Hair wig on and let’s work!

7. Its Okay to be the First One to Apologize

Being the first to say I'm sorry does not mean that you are weak. In fact it actually shows that you are a grown-ass woman! Take ownership in your faults, acknowledge any hurt or pain that you may have caused, and be genuine when you say “I’m Sorry”. Forgiveness will set you free!

8. Karma Will Take Care Of It

There is no need to get revenge on people or pay them back for what they did to you. Breathe, stretch, shake, and let it go. The Universe will handle them.

9. Take Risks

Playing it safe gets you nowhere, playing it smart does. Don't be afraid to just jump out there with a crazy idea. Don't be afraid to just do it! Be willing and open to take more risks in life...I mean what’s best thing that could happen?

10. Trust your Intuition

Your instincts and your gut will always lead you down the right path. Once you become aware, listening to that voice on the inside becomes so much clearer. When you get butterflies or your stomach knots up, that’s real! Feel your energy and follow your intuition.

The older that I get I've become more protective of my energy and who I allow in my space. I've become a lot more calmer, slow to react, and have become a better listener. I guess you can say that I've become more of an introvert. Granted, I still love a good happy hour and being surrounded by positive people, but I enjoy me time a lot more now.

Ladies, growth is a beautiful thing. When I think about Young Wild Tash, I must say that I am truly grateful for the classy, confident, and compelling woman that I have become. Ladies what are some lessons that you've learned in life that's far?