• Tasha Butler

Regal Lady Spotlight: Ejama McNeill

Sometimes people enter your life for a season, sometimes for a reason. Well I am sure that the reason Ejama and I met was not simply because of the convenience of our zip codes placing us at the same high school.

Wife, mother, community leader and author...all at the age of 26! This is Mrs. Ejama McNeill. When I met Ejama in highschool, I never would have imagined years later that her spirit would still be with me. That’s just the effect that some people have on you.

Luckily social media has allowed us to stay connected with each other and catch up every now and then. Last year as I was thinking about women who I wanted to feature for Regal Lady of the Month, I knew I had to reach out to Ejama. If you want to know what a hard working, faithful, Regal Lady looks like continue reading.

Please help me embrace the ever so encouraging Ejama McNeil!

Who is Ejama McNeill?

A dedicated mother, wife, and caregiver to my mother. All while being a motivator, advocate for people across the board and last but not least an author.

Often times you reference positivity, having faith, and overcoming adversity. What was that life changing moment that made you realize you had a greater purpose to fight for?

After I had my first son I’ll never forget not being able to sleep one night because truly God was trying to tell me something. That night even if I tried my hardest to go to bed, squeezing my eyes shut, my mind would not stop racing! I was getting visions and having dreams. This gave me the clarity that I needed on becoming a motivational speaker and community leader . It also showed me that I needed to be an advocate for young girls. It was in that very moment that I realized “I was a survivor and never knew it”.

Being in the Baltimore city school system from Pre-k until about the 6th grade school had been tough for me. One thing I could remember is that my name was the main thing that kept me a little unique from others in my class but it was also the start of being bullied…... until I started to fight back. But as crazy as it sounds being in that environment I forced me to adapt to the children I was around. This is also why I have such a strong passion to give back to the children of Baltimore city.

In today's society, one of the hardest challenges is raising a Black Man. As a mother of four little boys, what are your fears and how do you plan to teach them to literally "survive in these streets"?

Well as a survivor, I believe my spirituality has helped me conquer many things. So when I think of fear I’m blessed to say I have none. As far as the boys I truly cover them in prayer for day to day life and for their future. I pray to God for specific things because to be honest I come from a family where many of the men in my life have been in and out of jail for the most of their life. So for my sons I keep them in church, and not just on Sundays. Also we [my husband and I] have them involved in different activities. We want to mirror to our sons and show them the importance of being respectful of yourself and to others, so we lead by example. I commit my entire life to my children and husband, giving 110% in all that I do for them. I believe you will reap the harvest of your investment and my family IS my investment. I plan to have four college graduates who will grow to become amazing fathers and husbands, contributing to society and changing the world.

What are your top 3 songs when you need some encouragement?

Richard Smallwood –Total Praise

Deitrick Haddon –He’s Able and my awesome new one Travis Greene- Made a Way

Any upcoming projects or last words you would like to say?

I’m proud to say that my children’s book for young girls is finished and prayerfully will be released soon. I also plan to launch my website which will contain tons of information on my new non-profit for young girls (aged 8-16). We will focus on ways to overcome adversity, build self esteem, and understand and learn ways to improve communication between children and parents.

What makes you a Regal Lady?

Being a regal lady for me is my personality (optimistic) and although it’s come a very long way, the new me is even more amazing!! I’ve become transparent to others and supportive, not judgmental in anyway. Also, I am dedicated to living to fulfill my destiny. Not just by my existence in my community but I plan to be a light and help to rebuild and uplift the people. I never want to do anything that won’t bring glory to God. My patience and love I have for others, even people I don’t know, I want to encourage them in some way. “Keep going and don’t give up”. At 26 years I can say I understand life and that everything happens for a reason. Embrace your downfalls, use them as temporary circumstances needed to make you with a purpose. I want to leave a legacy behind that 20 years later still bring joy to someone.