• Tasha Butler

Regal Lady Spotlight: Brittany Robinson

Baeeeeebayyyyyyy, when I tell you this Regal Lady is on to somethinggggggg, you MUST take a step back, listen and catch it while its still hot! Over the last year I have watched BrittanyRose (or the woman-prenuer formerly known as “BRob”) evolve and build a brand so powerful and inspiring that even a blind man could see. From her artistic Instagram posts, to her daily open book Facebook live stream posts, there’s no way you can miss her! Recently I signed up for her 5 Days of Clarity program, and throughout my hectic schedule I still made an effort to thoroughly read through each e-mail that she sent out. By Day 5, I sat back and said “Wow! This is amazing….like really freaking amazing!” Not only will this 5 day course help you to find your purpose in life and business, she also provides you with tutorials and step by step guides on navigating social media platforms, creating content, and you’ll receive a cool workbook to write down all of your thoughts to bring you some clarity. If you want to hear more about how I became one of Brittany Rose’s #BESTIEs, keep reading!

What is your purpose in life? How did you find out what your purpose was?

My purpose in life, I realize now, is to definitely minister the gospel to the world. Although I do have my own business that I adore and I was absolutely called to be a business owner. But I think the direction that God is leading me to right is now is using my social media platform to spread the love and goodness of God to my audience’s life and ultimately the world.

I really started to come to the realization that this was my purpose more recently. I would be on Facebook live starting off talking about business and end up preaching into someone's life without even knowing it. Then I had more and more people reaching out to me thanking me for sharing, crying or messaging me asking me if they can just call me and talk. That’s when I knew that this was what God was really calling me to do.

You’ve mentioned in your #BritBizTalks videos on Facebook live about previous businesses and the challenges, struggles, and failures that you’ve faced along with that. How have you learned from those experiences and how has that changed that way that you do business now? (Are you currently employed, self employed, part-time worker/ full time entrepreneur?)

Well actually #brittsbiztalks have turned into #brittswordoftheday and I use this platform to be very transparent with my audience and like you said share my story, struggles and experiences. I think the biggest lesson I learned over the years is how imperative it is to build a brand and audience FIRST before you launch a product or service. A while back started an online story that completely failed and an e-book that made no sells. I was completely disappointed and couldn’t figure out why I didn’t get the results I wanted to see. The problem I was trying to sell a products but had no audience to sell to. I had no real marketing strategy and posted a few pictures on instagram and that was it. This time around I have a brand and business coach that I worked and I am spending a significant amount of time building my brand and loving audience before I actually launch my products in July.

Your website/blog and social media platforms are full of exciting and vibrant content. As a business administration degree holder (correct me if I’m wrong), how have you been able to tap into your creative juices? Are there any tools that you suggest for other Regal Ladies who may not have formal training in digital/social media?

Umm, so I‘m going to be completely honest right now. No shade to my degree or alma mater but 99.9% of the education, strategies and tips I’ve learned about business I learned outside of school. You know, what worked in business between 2011-2014 doesn’tt work today and most of the information I learned in my major are outdated. The business and blogging trends change every 6-12 months and you have to So I am constantly educating myself on the latest and greatest in the business world today. I read new books, watch webinars and attend classes so that I can keep myself and my students / clients up to date on the latest business trends. Usually after I get more education in an area I want to master I get filled with tons of ideas and go from there.

The advice I have for you Regal Ladies who may not have formal training in digital / social media is to definitely educate yourself in those areas where you are lacking. Find those digital / social media gurus and attend their webinars and classes and soak up all of the knowledge they have. Bloggers like Melyssa Griffin and Maya Elious have definitely turned their blogs into online empires using digital/ social media techniques that I have applied in my own biz and they are legit.

I am actually going to be teaching a master class in July in how to confidently share your story with your audience using social media techniques, so I will definitely keep you updated on that and maybe even a nice discount for your fabulous audience.

What do you hope to gain from your brand? Where do you see yourself in 5, 10, 20 years?

I think the direction my brand is going now is pretty amazing. I do see myself expanding my brand into a ministry, conference tours, more books and me traveling all over the world ministering the gospel to some awesome people.

I just actually sat down today and mapped out the rest of my year in business. I am in the process now of launching an extension of my brand called The SHEmpowers Movement. SHEmpowers is all about leveraging my social media platforms to share love and minister the gospel into people’s lives. So I’m super excited about that, planning a few in person events so, stay tuned.

How can our readers stay informed of the wonderful things that you have going on? Any upcoming events that you would like for our readers to know about?

Well they can always check me out on Brittanyrrobinson.com, join my awesome tribe of besties and get access to my free resource library for entrepreneurs and bloggers.

I do have a few workshops coming up in July called the Create + Collab Workshops. And this month is all about blogging! I will be doing 3 workshop:

Blogging 101: Finding your Name, Niche & Platform

Blogging 201: How to Plan, organize and create content

Blogging 202: How to find your target audience.

They can get all the details at bit.ly/createandcollab and they can get 30% off their seat using the code BROBSBESTIE

What makes you a Regal Lady? Any last remarks for our readers?

I think my determination makes me a Regal Lady. It didn’t matter how many times I failed in business, I always got back up, dusted myself off and went at it again, until I got it right. Never ever give up on a dream God has placed in your heart.