• Tasha Butler


Last week I had the pleasure of hosting my first of many Regal Lady Series events. For my first program, I thought it would be appropriate to have my ladies come together and set their goals for the upcoming year. I’ve been wanting to create a vision board for some time now, but 1- I don’t own tons of magazines, 2- I didn’t want to deal with the clean up, and 3- the last visionboard that I made just sat in my room, unmotivating me. In an attempt to create something that would constantly excite and inspire me, I decided to take the visionboard idea to the next level and host a digital vision board party, “20Greateen: A Digital Visionboard Wokshop”.

I thought that it would be a great idea to utilize Pinterest to create our boards. The accessibility of it made me realize that we can have daily reminders of our goals, literally in the palms of our hands. We all created one board entitled “20Greateen” and created different sections on that board which reflected areas that we will succeed in. Some of those sections included were professional, spirituality, wellness, branding, and 3-5 years. So during the event, my Regal Lady Squad and I poured champagne, set our goals, and shared our future success stories.

Being able to see these awesome ladies gain something positive from an event that I hosted was truly inspiring. And the fact that they understood why Pinterest was the perfect medium for the vision boards was gratifying as well. Rather than be a slave to social media, let’s make social media work for us. As a token of my gratitude I created a worksheet for my Regal Ladies to help them prepare for 2018 and leave 2017 in the past. I'm also sharing this with all of you who read this blog post and hope that you are able to find use in it. Be sure to share, subscribe, and always remain classy, confident, and compelling.

Until next time!

Click here to download worksheet