• Tasha Butler

Hennything Goes.....

This weekend, my Regal Lady Squad and I MegaBused our way to good ol' NYC. The theme for the weekend was “It’s Lit!” We celebrated our graduations, a birthday and even a "Locaversary".

Friday, we danced and drank allllll night. We stayed out until we saw the sun rise and heard chirping from the city pigeons. After a goodmornings’ rest, we were ready to do it all over again.

For the last 2 years my friend and I have been talking about going to Hennypalooza…...this year we finally made it! #ConeyIslandEditon

After surviving several Henny & Pineapple and Jack & Coke drinks, we made our way back to Harlem to recover. As a result we came up with this list to help anyone who may want to attend the next Hennypalooza.

Purchase V.I.P tickets!!

Come early...not on time but EARLY!!!!

Pregame…...with water!!

Wear flats!

Have patience

Bring hand sanitizer

Take dope pics

Come with lit crew

Good Vibes only!

Until next year....

If you want to know more about the event feel free to leave a comment!

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