• Tasha Butler

Wedding Chronicles

Now that the semester has come to an end and my life has ONE less stressor in it….I can finally BREATHE…..well maybe not a complete inhale exhale cycle….more like a hyperventilated pass me a brown paper bag and an asthma pump type of breath.

Let’s take a peek into my life for a second….

  1. I’m a Bridesmaid

  2. I’m a Maid of Honor

  3. annnnnnnnnd I’m a Bride to be #heputaringonit

Woah...WOah….WOAHHHHH…..How did this happen?!?! All within a year lol...My line sister made me a bridesmaid last year….then helped my fiancé plan my engagement (#bestdayever 🍾) ...which was two weeks after my bestfriend’s engagement who then made me her MOH….Can you say wedding overload!!!

Planning a wedding is probably one of the most happiest stressful feelings in the world....but planning three weddings….please pass me the bottle! Throughout this process thus far I have been able to come up with some tips that I think would be helpful for our readers.

  1. Start planning early!!! By the time my fiancé proposed I already had our colors picked out, bridal party (including HIS groomsmen) selected, and a top choice for venue....#pressed lol. About two weeks after our engagement I started bugging him on selecting a date and picking a venue and setting a budget. Trust me, you don't want to wait until the last minute and your dream venue is booked on your date.

  1. Set a realistic budget and aim lower than that. I am truly having a hard time with using the money that I could put down on a house for my wedding. I mean I know this should be like the best day ever but I’m TRYING to ball on a budget. Remember, it's only ONE day. Would you rather have a dream wedding or a dream marriage. Granted… "if you got it flaunt it"....but the way my student loans are set up…..

  1. Pick your Maid of Honor wisely. This is a MAJOR ROLE! Make sure you have someone responsible and trustworthy holding that position. If the bride is unable to make a decision at any given moment, the maid of honor should be able make that call. If you choose the right woman, then she should know you well enough to pick what you would want. As the bride, you'll already be overwhelmed. Do not pick a lazy maid of honor just because she held your hair back that one time you drank too much.

  1. Bridesmaids. Where do I begin. First, do NOT feel pressured to add certain people in your wedding. This is YOUR day....point, blank, period. Second, know your bridesmaids strengths and weaknesses. If you have a friend who is awful at using a glue gun, don’t put her in charge of making centerpieces or party favors. Third, there are FINANCIAL responsibilities attached with being a bridesmaid...please, count your coins before agreeing.

  1. Guestlist. Tricky, tricky, tricky. Just know that everybody and their great grandma does not need to be invited to your wedding. Me, personally, I made my guestlist about a year and a half before I got engaged (I told ya’ll I was pressed) But what that helped me discover was people who I lost touch with or those "convenient friends". For example, if I haven’t heard from you in between the day I created that list and the “congrats girl” text….count yourself out of a seat. #noshade. Also, classmates and coworkers...and your parents’ friends...ehh debatable. Being cool is one thing, but paying $90 for you to eat is another. Find cost effective and respectful ways to incorporate your companions in your big day. You wouldn’t expect someone to bring you a gift without being invited to the celebration.....