• Tasha Butler

I can make you put your phone down...

Can you tell that I’m an Erykah Badu fan by now lol. Have ya’ll heard her new mixtape “But You Caint Use My Phone”.....can you say lliiitttttt. But seriously….ladies can you make your man put his phone down???

Social media has affected our generation DRASTICALLY. Everything is so impersonal now. I mean don’t you hate being with a group of friends and the only thing they’re doing is recording on snapchat, or when you’re at the club or a party and no one is dancing yet and still everyone is trying to get a cool "in motion" selfie or when you’re on a date and your significant other is on Instagram. I mean the list goes on and on and on and onnnn.

So how can we make him put his phone down while on date night?

Here are some tips.

  1. Go see a movie. Can’t have your phone out there...simple right

  2. Allow him to have free time on his phone right before date night starts. Hopefully this gives him enough time to scroll through his news feed or catch up on his ESPN app

  3. Set rules...and play fair. Establish a no phone during dinner rule and follow it yourself. This means no checking calls, texts, or social media. In other words….keep it in your pants….(no pun intended)

  4. Dress up! Put on your best little black dress, high heels, and jewelry. Make sure your makeup is on point and that you’re wearing his favorite scent. Make him want to keep his eyes on you and only you all night.

  5. Keep the conversation going. Let’s admit it. When we get bored we hop right back on social media….or scroll through those same pictures in our gallery as if a new selfie will pop up. Talk about something that will hold his interest….politics...sports...or his favorite dish

And if none of these tips work then just nag….Nag….NAG!!! Until he puts his phone down lol

Hope everyone has a romantic Valentine’s day


The Regal Lady