• Tasha Butler


52 weeks ago I posted these pictures of THEE Ms. Badu on my Instagram page (@TheRegalLady)

...and 52 weeks later...I’m still trying to get likes lol. But seriously...are “Ya’ll Ready?” for 2016….because I know I am. I am coming with a vengeance and determination for everything that I deserve. How do I plan on doing that? EAT. PRAY. GRIND….and LOVE of course

2015 was a great year for me. I accomplished almost all of my goals (moving back to Baltimore, getting accepted into Georgetown, buying a new car, etc. etc. etc.), and for the goals that still need a little more work, that's what 2016 is for. I always tell my friends to WRITE DOWN their goals because there is power in the pen. Write it, read it, and speak it into existence. I love being able to reflect on my past goals and actually be able to check them off. Makes me feel like Wale was rapping about me in his Ambitious Girl song haha

But on the flip side...what happens when you haven't accomplished a goal? Do you give up or “dust yourself off and try again...try again...and again and again”. The way in which you react to failure will ultimately determine your success. We all know Op

rah did not become a billionaire overnight and I’m sure Ms. Labelle burnt a few meals before launching those Patty Pies! Did you ever stop and think that maybe the direction that you took to accomplish that goal was the wrong path….or maybe it wasn’t the right time. People constantly ask me, “What’s my next move?” and although I have my list and I’m working to achieve them, I can not and will not rush my come up.

Timing is everything. If you truly want something go get it! There is nothing wrong with working a boring 9-5...just as long as when that 5-9 comes you’re working on fulfilling your dreams. I mean, we all have the same 24 hours as Beyonce….make it count.

Dear 2016.