• Tasha Butler

20 Regal Lady Affirmations

Starting my day and ending my night with positive affirmations has completely changed my outlook on life. Affirmations are defined as “something that is affirmed; a statement or proposition that is declared to be true” (Dictionary.com). We have the power to speak life into our words. The stigma that talking to yourself is crazy, is indeed crazy AF! I talk to myself all of the time and we have in depth conversations everyday lol. Sometimes you need to pep yourself up, you know, be your own hype man. That’s when positive affirmations come in handy.

Here’s a list of 20 Affirmations that I've created for the millennial woman who is winning at life by being her authentic self.

  1. I AM Love

  2. I AM Responsible For My Actions and Feelings and I Choose To Be Positive

  3. I AM Happy In Real Life

  4. I AM Stronger Today Than I Was Yesterday

  5. I Will Not Stress Over The Things That I Can Not Control

  6. I AM Enough

  7. I AM a Beautiful Human Being

  8. I Enjoy Being In The Present Moment

  9. I AM Healthy and am Practicing Healthier Lifestyle Changes Everyday

  10. I AM Prosperous

11. I AM Grateful For Everything That I Have In My Life

12. I AM Successful

13. I Choose To Live The Life of My Dreams

14. I AM Attracting High Vibrational Experiences

15. I AM Confident In Knowing That My Mistakes Are Not Losses, But Lessons Learned

16. My Self Worth Is Not Based Upon The Opinions Of Others

17. I Choose To Not Take Things Personally

18. I Understand That It’s Okay To Put Me First and to Make Self Care a Priority

19. I Can and I Will

20. I Believe In Me

....and most importantly I AM a Regal Lady. I hope that this list helps guide you to living a more grateful and fulfilling life. Feel free to share and add to the list. What are some affirmations that you say to yourself throughout the day?

Here's one of my favorite India.Aire songs. I hope that it sends some inspiration your way.

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